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Relaxing in the sauna

If it is possible to relax with a specific diet, nice music, or beautiful pictures, it is also possible when you warm you up in a sauna! Sauna was invented in Finland many years ago. Finnish people, of course, use it to warm up during tough winters, but they also use sauna as a means to relax all year long. In fact, there are more than 3 million saunas in Finland for 5 million inhabitants! So, what does sauna offer?

  1. Stress relief: because saunas are warm and quiet places without any disturbance, you can easily cut yourself off from the stress of life. Close the door and enter a new world of calm and peace.
  2. Better sleep: when you spend time in a sauna, endorphins are secreted and body temperature is regulated. This allows deeper, more relaxed sleep. Many people have spoken of a great sleep experience after a nice sauna session.
  3. Muscle relaxation: the strong heat, which is linked to endorphin secretion, helps reduce pain from arthritis and muscle discomfort. At the same time, increasing body temperature induces vasodilation and increased blood circulation. This also helps to relieve muscle pain. Many sporty people enjoy a sauna after a tough sports session.
  4. Sociable: on top of all these benefits, sauna is also a great opportunity to see your friends and to meet new people. In this peaceful area, you can relax while chatting with your friends.

So next time, instead of watching TV at home, call a friend and go to the sauna!