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Mind and mood: Nutrition and common misconceptions


  • CHOCOLATE is good for MORALE

TRUE! Chocolate contains good amounts of magnesium which helps in stress management. If you like it, eating chocolate can be a real pleasure partly because it releases endorphins, creating a feeling of well-being. As long as you eat it in moderation, you can enjoy your chocolate break guilt-free. 


FALSE! This is a common misconception: food can be healthy and tasty at the same time! There are so many ways to make this happen. Herbs and spices are natural allies in this quest! You will need to break out of your comfort zone and try new tastes and flavors. You may be surprised at what you discover. Feel free to include something you love at every meal: taking pleasure in eating is key.

  • I feel GUILTY if I INDULGE MYSELF by eating

It is quite normal to worry from time to time, but remember that eating must be a pleasure. By maintaining a balanced and varied diet, you can: eat anything (in moderation) treat yourself occasionally and not feel guilty. Everything is a matter of balance!