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5 simple ways to increase physical activity

Take the stairs as often as possible

Whether you work in a tall building or live in a condominium, don’t always take the elevator. In a world where finding time to get to the gym is difficult, using stairs whenever possible is a fantastic way to increase the amount of fitness in your daily life.

Park as far from the front door as possible

You can do this at the mall, grocery store, school or your work place. Parking at the edge of the lot forces you to walk more than you are generally accustomed to. One of the bonuses is that there are usually plenty of spaces available. Do this every day for a year and you will have probably racked up several miles!

Clean your home regularly

A house-keeper may be the very thing getting in the way of your fitness. Few people realize how many muscle groups you can target or what a boost to your cardio regular house-cleaning can be. Another benefit is a nice clean living space. You can’t lose!

Gardening and yard work

Not only can this increase your strength and get you working up a nice sweat, it also gives you a great excuse to spend time outdoors! Pulling weeds, cutting the lawn, trimming the hedges and raking your leaves are physically demanding tasks that employ a variety of muscle groups. Many gardeners look forward to summer for this specific reason!

Go for a family walk after dinner

What typically happens after everyone has eaten and the dishes are done? Parents and kids go their separate ways, often to the seclusion of their own bedrooms. Why not get the gang together and head out for a walk around the neighbourhood? You’ll establish a healthy tradition and burn off some of the calories you’ve just consumed!

The amount of physical activity you should do depends on your age. Have a look at this guide to discover.