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10 great reasons to start exercising

  1. A Happier You

    You don’t need a gym to get started. Here are a bunch of GYM FREE EXERCISES that you can start today.
  2. Longer life

    Sitting all day can cause your health to deteriorate. Exercise actually improves life expectancy as much as quitting smoking does!
  3. Less sickness

    Studies have shown that frequent exercise makes you less likely to catch a cold. Hop in the sauna after your workout for a much-needed detox!
  4. Better love life

    Increased stamina will only improve this important part of your life.
  5. More energy

    If you exercise on the regular, you will have more energy throughout the day. A mid-day workout can give you a boost that lasts well into the evening. Even brisk walking can have this effect.
  6. Better sleep

    Exercise is known to be an effective sleep aid. It is advisable to plan your workout for the morning or afternoon, since exercising too close to bedtime can cause energy surges that interfere with sleep.
  7. Lower stress

    Whether you’ve had a hectic day or even a bad few months, stress can be a real downer. All experts say that exercise is one of the most effective ways of overcoming it. The endorphins you generate while working out naturally combat stress. Additionally, being consumed by your workout will get your mind off whatever is troubling you.
  8. Increased confidence

    Regular exercise can improve your physique, which can be a real confidence-booster. A new gym or exercise class can also be a great social outlet that helps you overcome shyness and new friends.
  9. Better Posture

    Regular exercise of the abdominals, back and certain other muscle groups can go a long way to give you better posture whether you’re sitting or standing.
  10. Improved memory

    After a workout, you tend to experience heightened alertness and the ability to think more clearly. This is because your brain is getting increased oxygen flow and energy. Studies have shown regular exercise can help you learn better!

    Add up all of the above, and prepare for a complete transformation!